Strategy, Markt Entry & Business Development

Where is your market in the Arab World? How do you access it?

In identifying the potential for your business and developing a market entry strategy, we guide you towards your successful MENA-Business Development.

Your Market and an Analysis of Potential

The Arab World is large and diverse, with vast potential for different markets and sectors. An overview over the actual market and potential for you specific business, product and service is key.

Which competition and similar businesses, products and services exist in the region? Which trends and growth developments support the outlook on your business potential? Which countries specifically should you focus on in your business development? 

Where should you focus on distribution? Where on production? Which existing Free Trade Agreements can expand your market potential and enable easy access to a broader region?

Stakeholder Map and Stakeholder Engagement

We identify stakeholders and decision makers in the target countries relevant to your business and outline the relationships and interests between these, from potential customers to potential strategic partners, distribution partners, Joint-Venture Partners, to public stakeholders, such as ministries, authorities and municipalities.

Once identified, we approach the  stakeholders with tailormade messages and initiate a moderated contact and introduction. For deeper engagement, We organize a discovery trip to meet the identified contacts in a focussed and qualified manner.

Route to Market

How do you access the identified market and clientel in the region? How do you market your products and acquire your customers? Wether it be through a local distributor or agent or through setting up your own subsidiary and building your own local distribution we will develop a market access strategy and bring you together with the required partners. 

We also support you when your primary business is with public entities through tenders and public procurrement! 

Regulation & Company Setup​

Successful Business Development comes with the right (regulatory) company setup. The countries of the Arab World offer a vastness of incentives and tax advantages, for businesses operating from local Free Zones or as Mainland entities. The different countries provide different advantages of setting up your regional business there. 

Combining “Business Development, Public Affairs and Legal”, we support you in identifying the best setup us as per your business and interests in the region. 

Financing & Investors

Financial Cooperation

We enable our contacts and access to strategic and financial cooperation partners and investors for your projects esp. In the Gulf region, e.g. the development and processing of markets, the development and production of services and products in this region.

Credit Programs

We support your integration into subsidized credit programs of the regional development banks and initiatives of the respective economic development agencies and government initiatives.

Local Banking Relationship

We see support in establishing a local banking relationship as an integral element of your local set-up.

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