A Shooting Star in North Africa

The hyped destination in the MENA region

Not least because of the production of green hydrogen, Morocco has become an insider tip for German companies.

But beyond that: Morocco is a vibrant country situated in North Africa, offering a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and burgeoning business opportunities. Known for its stability and strategic location bridging Europe and Africa, Morocco has become a prime destination for foreign investment.

Economic reforms and infrastructure development

With a government committed to economic reform and infrastructure development, Morocco presents a fertile ground for German firms to establish partnerships, access new markets, and contribute to sustainable growth in the region.

Is Morocco your gateway to North Africa?

About Morocco

  • Area: 446,550km2
  • Population: 38 Mio
  • Population Growth: 1.0%
  • GDP: $138.8 Bn
  • Nominal GDP/capita: $3.748,6
  • Foreign direct investment: $2.1 Bn

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