The hydrogen beacon of hope in the Gulf

The hidden champion in the Gulf

Oman, which until a few years ago was still considered closed and conservative, is opening up massively to foreign investment and offers interesting business opportunities.

Traditionally, Oman was heavily dependent on income from the oil and gas industry. However, the government, especially under the new Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, has recognised the need to diversify the economy. The path to this ambitious diversification is set out in Oman Vision 2040.

New business opportunities through the diversification of the economy

Oman offers German companies in particular a wealth of opportunities and potential. Above all in the industries of hydrogen, renewable energy, tourism, logistics and agriculture. Have you already discovered Oman as a new hotspot for your company?

About Oman

  • Area: 309.500km2
  • Population:4.5 Mio
  • Population growth: 1.4%
  • GDP: $108.3 Bn
  • Nominal GDP/capita: $21.266
  • Foreign direct investment: $3.61 Bn

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