The big Player in North Africa​

Egypt – a country of vast and untapped opportunities

The biggest Arab and North African country is on a path to be among the 20 biggest economies in the world, offering the vast market, the geographic destination, and abundant (green-) energy resources.

Despite existing challenges, Egypt remains a desired target of German businesses of all sizes. From green energy, to manufacturing, digitalization, waste management and other key sectors – German businesses are eager to enter the market and learn more about current developments and Egypt’s economic dynamic. 

Seizing the momentum

Despitel the obstacles, now is the right time to invest in Egypt and become a player in this highly potent market.

We show you how to get the best out of the existing opportunities in a highly dynamic market.

About Egypt

  • Area: 1.001.450km2
  • Population: 111.8 Mio
  • Population growth: 1.5%
  • GDP: $398.4 Bn
  • Nominal GDP/capita: $3.770,1
  • Foreign direct investment: $6.7 Bn

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