MENA Talk Vol. 2 on “Manufacturing in the UAE – An industrial hub between Europe, Asia and Africa”

Our second MENA Talk took place on 16.05.23. The United Arab Emirates has long established itself as an important destination for international companies from all over the world and from all industries. Success in the GCC countries, East Africa and South Asia is often the result of a strong distribution and service centre in the UAE.
Now the UAE is taking the next step and making the country the central production centre in the region. Here, where energy is cheap, logistics between the UAE’s major ports and key markets in Europe and Asia are fully developed and many incentives are on offer, international companies are invited to invest in local manufacturing facilities to tap into a market of over 2 billion people on all continents, including the Indian market with which the UAE has a free trade agreement. With our MENA Talk, we gave the floor to officials such as H.E. Ambassador Ahmed Altar from the UAE, companies from Germany already operating in the UAE and companies from the UAE to present the Emirates’ offerings.